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As a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Michael serves as the Care Pastor at Austin Ridge Bible Church and provides Christ-centered care and direction to individuals, couples and families.  He also leads various ministries to couples that are dating, engaged and married.  Michael's known for his personable approach, understanding human behavior, emphasizing God's infinite love and our true identity in Christ.  He helps others overcome issues hindering their personal lives, relationships and careers.  Michael has been in ministry leadership for over 20 years and previously served as a pastor at Austin Christian Fellowship, worked with youth at the Malibu Vineyard and young adults at Bel Air Church.

As a Founding Director, Michael leads Abide Leader Care, a nonprofit that provides support and counseling for Pastors and Ministry Leaders.  He has witnessed first hand the struggles Pastors and Ministry Leaders face while also going through his own difficult seasons.  Pastors and Ministry Leaders give much of their time and energy to others while often not getting the personal care they need.  They can feel isolated and alone during times of struggle, yet feel the pressure to "have it all together."  This can impact their personal life, family and ministry.  Abide Leader Care has counseling directories across the US providing both in person and virtual counseling.

As a Creative, Michael grew up designing, building and making movies.  He majored in Theatre Arts at the University 

of Missouri and lived in Los Angeles for 10 years working in film and television.  Michael was an actor and directed live television publicity shoots at PacTV working with celebrities, athletes, politicians, at the Academy Awards, and for worldwide events.  Currently represented by The Acting Group in Austin, he auditions and acts in commercials.

Michael and his wife Janie were introduced through mutual friends and dated long distance between LA and Denver.  He eventually moved to Denver to date Janie, finish a graduate seminary program in counseling and get married.  They spent their newlywed years enjoying the mountains and rivers of Colorado.  They've lived in Austin for the past 13 years and have three fun and lively children.  Michael and Janie enjoy the outdoors, home renovation projects, reading and studying the scriptures, being in both the city and hill country, and taking road-trips across the US with their family.